Entrust Datacard CR805

The new Entrust Datacard CR805 Retransfer Card Printer is the next generation of retransfer printer with "over the edge" printing in brilliant colour, 600 dpi with great image quality. The CR805 retransfer single sided id card printer uses pigment ink, which is not susceptible to UV fading, resulting in crisp images that last much longer. With retransfer printing, you can print on the card material that meets your needs and budget. From PVC to PVC composite, PC, or PET card types, the Entrust Datacard CR805 Single Sided 600dpi printer handles it all with ease.

High Resolution Printing for Stunning Resolution

Pigment ink combined with 600 dpi printing results in extremely high resolutions printing. This enables the printing of microtext, and other machine readable elements such as OCR codes and 1D and 2D barcodes/

Flexibility to Meet a Variety of Card Program Needs

A number or security features have been designed into the system to ensure the security of data and protect it from threats. These are standard in every printer.

Enhanced Security to Ensure Data Integrity

Reliably print up to 100 one-sided cards per hour (36 seconds per card) or 55 dual-sided cards per hour (65 seconds per card).

Issue more durable cards, and save on replacement costs.

Pigment ink provides longer lasting images, due to its natural resistance to UV fading and the effects of "plasticizers". Plus, enhance the durability of your card with the CR805 card printer by adding an additional layer of retransfer film to the card. Even greater security and durability features — like tactile impressions — are available with the addition of the optional lamination module. **

***36 months Warranty with FREE Loan Replacement During Warranty Period***

**Optional extras

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Entrust Datacard Ribbons
Cleaning Kits
54.34cm (L) x 25.53cm (W) x 39.68cm (H)
12.7 kg
Printing Sides:
Single-sided printing/Double-sided printing (optionable)
Print Mode:
Colour (True Colour [ICC] and Vivid) and monochrome
Print Resolution:
600 dpi
Print Method:
Retransfer pigment ink, over-the-edge printing
Print Speed:
100 cards/hour (single-sided CMYKP)
66 card/hour (dual-sided CMYKP-KP)
Card Size:
0.76mm to 10.01mm
125 Cards
25 cards
Ethernet and USB
Operating Environment:
15^C - 35^C
36-month standard / Lifetime printerhead


  • Magnetic stripe encoding ISO/IAT Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • JIs Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • SmartCard encoding Single wire – Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1
  • Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols, Mifare Protocols &FeliCa (DES & AES)
  • Loosely Couple – Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1
  • Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols, Mifare Protocols &FeliCa
  • HID iCLASS, Read/write or read-only encoder
  • PC Prox


  • Colour ribbons CMYKP 1000 images (single-sided)/500 images (dual-sided)
  • CMYKP-KP 750 images
  • CMYP-KPi 750 images
  • CMYKP-KPi 500 images
  • FCMYP-KP 750 images
  • Clear retransfer film Two options: 1000 images (single-sided),500 images (dual-sided)/1500 images (single-sided), 750 images (dual-sided)


Entrust Datacard CR80
Retransfer Printer with Pigment Ink
Released: April 2018