Fargo HDP8500

Produce IDs reliably and continuously - even in the most demanding environments

The HID FARGO HDP8500 industrial ID card printer and encoder is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput ID personalization and issuance. It's especially suited for large government ID card programs and laborious service bureau conditions, as well as demanding university and large enterprise environments.



HDP Dye-sublimation, Resin thermal transfer


Single- or Dual-Sided (standard)




24 sec (YMC + transfer)
29 sec (YMCK + transfer)
40 sec (YMCKK + transfer)

Capacity (Hoppers)


400 cards total (0.762mmm, Dual-input)


200 cards (0.762mm)



CR-80 (85.6 x 54 mm)


.762 - 1.27 mm





394 x 716 x 356mm




USB 2.0, Ethernet


High Duty Performance

With the FARGO® HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer/Encoder, HID Global delivers the most reliable, heavy duty performance ID card printer in the industry.

The FARGO HDP8500, featuring HID’s High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) technology, is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput credential personalization and issuance. It’s especially suited for the high cycle requirements of large government ID card programs, laborious service bureau conditions, and demanding university and large enterprise environments.

With the FARGO HDP8500, you’ll get a print system loaded with features that ensure reliability and durability. You’ll get a system that performs—it has one of the highest card input capacities in the industry and requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and money. Additionally, the HDP8500 has been architected within the HID Global Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP™). Built-in security features such as operator PIN number access and multilocking entry points, data encryption and resin ribbon data-erase functionality, ensures that your investment is secure.

Backed by HID Global’s 35 years of manufacturing excellence and three-year warranty, it’s the ideal solution for unparalleled quality, performance and security.

High Definition Printing Quality

HID Global pioneered High Definition Printing, also called retransfer print technology in desktop ID card printers. HID Global has leveraged this technology to introduce its fifth generation printer, the FARGO HDP8500. Retransfer technology produces crisp, high-definition images on technology cards—even cards with surface imperfections. The FARGO HDP8500 is the clear choice for ID issuance operations where the highest print quality is required.

High Durability Results

The FARGO HDP8500 is designed to work with the most durable consumables, making it the ideal printer for ID cards that need to last, such as those used for government ID programs. Clear and holographic overlaminate patches can be added to the card, providing higher card durability and longer card life. Optional High Durable HDP Film provides even greater abrasion resistance, eliminating the need for lamination hardware and greater prtotection against ID fraud.

Flexible Technology for Improved

Options and Security The FARGO HDP8500 uses HDP technology to print an image onto the card's surface making it more resistant to counterfeiting, and is the optimal choice for smart cards because it easily handles surface or embedded electronics irregularities.

Additional options include: vanGO® One-2-One™ visual security features that allow you to personalize IDs by engraving the cardholder’s image on the card; An embedded iCLASS SE® encoder that enables you to create, encode, and manage your secure access control or payment smart cards from start to finish; and/or A Wi-Fi® accessory that allows you to print over any secure wireless network.

Enhanced System Reliability for Challenging Environments

Non-climate controlled areas, high heat, dirt and debris can routinely impact performance, affecting your productivity as well as overall print quality and reliability. The FARGO HDP8500 is designed to safeguard against the most challenging operating environments. Its airflow and filtration system, canopy dust seals and internal temperature sensors maintain ideal printing conditions in the harshest conditions. Additionally, multiple in-line cleaning stations eliminate unexpected blank card surface debris, and a special cover projects card path sensors to help prevent defective card prints and printer jams.

Advanced System Performance for Enhanced Security and Throughput

In addition to demanding the highest level security features for their printer systems, governments need stable and consistent throughput as well as longer-life cards. HID Global delivers.

The FARGO HDP8500 has physical locks on all access points to protect the ribbon and film consumables, as well as the cards, before and after printing. Secure PIN access electronically locks the printer and advanced data decryption (AES-256) ensures the protection of your secure print jobs. The HDP8500'S resin erase feature also eliminates any personal data on used ribbon panel to further reduce the risk of data corruption or counterfeiting. Finally, holographic or fluorescent (UV) overlaminates can be added to the card to provide a cost-effective, dynamic means of increasing overt, covert, or foresnsic card security.

Ideal for large batch print jobs, the FARGO HDP8500 by HID Global has multiprocessing capabilities to greatly increase card yield. For example, the system can encode one card while printing a second card and laminating a third. It also offers two additional print modes along with the standard print mode: performance mode, which provides the fastest throughput of approximately 1,000 full-color, single-side cards per shift; and premium mode which provides enhanced print quality for challenging images. Also, the HDP8500 has a patented dual input hopper feature, allowing you to print two different types of cards at once, such as employee and contractor ID badges.

Operational Convenience At A Lower Cost

Governments require printing solutions that focus on the lowest cost of operation. They need printer/encoders with predictable maintenance schedules and or limited service requirements—all supported by industry-leading product warranties. The FARGO HDP8500 has among the highest card capacity available on the market today and requires less user intervention than many competing industrial-grade printers. It provides an industry-first touchscreen display so that you can quickly and easily determine printer status, or access diagnostic and maintenance information. It also has a fully accessible card path, allowing you to troubleshoot card jams or to quickly determine if further service is needed. An optional andon lighting system provides operators with visual remote printer status feedback across wider, secure print environments. Plus, the FARGO HDP8500 is backed by the longest warranty in the industry. Together, these value-add features help to ensure that your investment is always protected.

A Scaleable and Flexible Solution

Not all IDs are the same. Some may require only single-side printing, while others need technology card encoding along with dual-side printing and laminating. Some organizations need a printer system that fits particular needs now, while also having the capacity to meet additional needs over time. The FARGO HDP8500 has several options that can be added to meet your specialized requirements, including: ISO magnetic encoding; Contact or contactless card encoding; ISO card flattening mechanism; Andon light remote operator feedback; Lamination module; Laser engraving module; ƒLaser writing module for engraving the vanGO® patch; andƒ Wi-FI® module for remote printing.

The FARGO HDP8500 is completely fieldupgradeable so that as your needs evolve, you don’t need to purchase another solution.

What's more, the HDP8500 is fully interoperable with Genuine HID® technology. This guarantees the printer's compatibility with other products within the HID ecosystem, enabling you to leverage your existing HID technology investments.

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